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As of January 1, 2016, the scholarship program will become part of Children's Scholarship Fund (CSF), a national scholarship organization. Kate Baker, Executive Director, and Kathy Rago, Program Manager, will still be managing the New Hampshire program.
Parents speak:
“No more exposure to bullying, drugs or arrests in school… amazing difference in my daughter – her attitude about school has really changed… very stimulating environment at my daughter’s new school… the school is able to give the individualized, accelerated instruction my son needs… the new school has reversed the decline in my son’s grades and attitude… my son loves his new school and is learning so much – no more teaching to the test and showing movies all the time…  my son’s online courses have much higher expectations of him and we have much better communication with instructors... since attending his new school, my son’s confidence has soared and he takes responsibility for himself and his work and feels like a vital part of the community… my daughter has been able to pursue her talent for languages with advanced classes in Spanish and Mandarin… we were able to buy a curriculum to meet our daughter’s needs… so much less stress… LOVE IT!”
Children speak: 
“I get individual attention… I don’t have to fit on a conveyor belt anymore – I can think for myself… I love my teachers – I learned how to knit… no more bullying, no teachers yelling at me… I don’t have to sit down all the time – I can learn outside… I’m more challenged… no more worksheets… my teachers care about me and take time to make sure I’m learning.”
Our contact information is:
Network for Educational Opportunity (NEO)
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